[Chandler-dev] Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r13287-checkpoint20070227

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 27 19:05:26 PST 2007

Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r13287-checkpoint20070227.
The testing for this  build was focused on OS X, Ubuntu. The focus will 
rotate from week to week.

This report is also available on the wiki:

During Checkpoint testing the following Bugs were found:
* Bug:8223 error no attribute 'postEventByName' double clicking in 
preview pane


In the 6  days since the last checkpoint the following bugs were found:
1 NEW regressions were found

* Bug:8215 New event creation in 3k event calendar slowed down in r13252 
or r13253New event creation in 3k event calendar slowed down in r13252 
or r13253

19 NEW bugs were found

Bug:8185 version.py relies on svn 1.3.x format files
Bug:8186 Fatal Error when upgrading from PPC to Intel Chandler
Bug:8187 Evaluate InstallJammer
Bug:8190 Task stamped as email arrives as email only
Bug:8191 Accounts dialog button Add/Remove Chandler folders has no 
keyboard shortcut
Bug:8192 cannot resend already sent/received message after editing it
Bug:8203 Conflict dialog for update
Bug:8204 When address in CC field message doesn't display in 'IN' collection
Bug:8206 Sharing BCC
Bug:8209 Smart default behavior for Item byline
Bug:8213 Recurrence merge issues during restore
Bug:8214 Allow adding reminders to recurring events from the dashboard
Bug:8218 Memory error traceback when starting up latest trunk revision: 
Bug:8219 Transition CalDAV sharing to use EIM
Bug:8221 to between dates & times missing?
Bug:8222 Apply all recurrence change to the selected occurrence
Bug:8225 Tooltips for all dialogs
Bug:8226 Tooltips don't work in sidebar


Count of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7 : 139 (up 3 from 6  days 
Count of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 1 (down 19 from 6  days ago).
Count of resolved bugs in last 6  days: 17 (down 19 from 6  days ago)
Count of all new bugs in last 6  days that are still open: 12 (down 25 
from 6  days ago)

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