[Chandler-dev] Just some questions...

Davor Cubranic cubranic at cs.ubc.ca
Wed Feb 21 21:51:49 PST 2007

Jason LaChapelle wrote:
> I just got finished reading "Dreaming in Code" and became quite 
> interested in the Chandler project. While I was reading, though, a 
> couple questions/suggestions came into mind. These questions are just 
> for my sheer curiosity. I'm what they call a "noob" compared to all 
> you guys, so I'm sure you know much better then I do :) But with that 
> said, let me get onto my questions...
BTW, the events covered in the book take place a very long time ago, 
relative to where Chandler is today. See 
for more details.


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