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Jason LaChapelle jaylach at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 08:49:19 PST 2007

I just got finished reading "Dreaming in Code" and became quite interested
in the Chandler project. While I was reading, though, a couple
questions/suggestions came into mind. These questions are just for my sheer
curiosity. I'm what they call a "noob" compared to all you guys, so I'm sure
you know much better then I do :) But with that said, let me get onto my

First, this might be beating a dead horse so for that apologize. But while I
was reading about your discussion about sharing information in Chandler all
I could think about was XML and Remoting. How that could very possibly solve
many of the problems you faced in terms of sharing. Assuming the book
covered the most exhaustive areas of discussion about sharing I was quite
surprised that Remoting was not brought up.  I know  Remoting is a fairly
new topic (mostly related with .NET and might not work as well with Python)
but is there a reason that Remoting was seemingly overlooked (according to
the book, anyways)?

My second "issue" is more of a suggestion then a question, really. On the
issue of reoccurring events, why not just have one simple check box that
states "Reoccurring?" and when the box is checked the event gets added into
the repository for say 25 iterations. On the date that the 25 iteration
falls, pop up a simple dialog that asks something a long the lines of "Do
you want to renew the reoccurring event X?" This way you can have infinite
reoccurring events without filling up the repository with items until the
year 2038 and beyond. This will also give the user a little control over
what an "infinite" reoccurring event is.

Anyways, as I said... you guys are much more experienced then me so you know
what does and doesn't work much better then I do so I'm not trying to second
guess your decisions at all. I'm just a curious thinker ^_^

- Jay LaChapelle
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