[Chandler-dev] Cutting freebusy for preview

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Fri Feb 16 13:20:02 PST 2007


I still don't see a major use case for freebusy without the CalDAV  
scheduling stuff. Our scheduling workflow doesn't require either so  
I'm all for cutting it from Preview.


On Feb 16, 2007, at 11:55 AM, Jeffrey Harris wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I hadn't worked on freebusy for several months, so yesterday I spent
> several hours figuring out where we're at.  I put my results in bug
> 6593.  In brief:
> We've made lots of CalDAV sharing improvements since I last worked on
> freebusy, unfortunately they've made freebusy not work.  None of these
> problems is big, but together it'd take a day to put it back together.
> There were already problems with freebusy, notably the need for a  
> dialog
> to confirm erasing previous versions of the special hiddenEvents
> collection and fixing a few minor issues like making sure we don't
> restore the hiddenEvents collection when restoring shares.  None of  
> this
> is particularly tricky, it's just time.
> Finally, Cosmo's done a lot to move forward freebusy, but because we
> weren't actively dogfooding freebusy, we didn't give the Cosmo team
> feedback about freebusy problems in a timely way.  There are still  
> a few
> issues (currently freebusy tickets don't give PROPFIND permission,
> freebusy results are off by an hour, and all day events aren't
> included).  I imagine the fixes for these aren't big, either, but I
> don't have first hand knowledge.
> All in all, I think all this is relatively straightforward, but I  
> think
> all told it's on the order of a weeks work, and I don't think it's  
> worth
> investing more time in before Preview, so I'd like to leave freebusy
> disabled for Preview (or, alternately, removed from the UI, if that's
> required for polish).
> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey
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