[Chandler-dev] Sharing update

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Wed Feb 14 14:21:31 PST 2007

Before I disappear for a week I thought I would send out an update on  
the status of the new sharing framework, what's expected to work and  
what's not.

Chandler can publish or subscribe to a "morsecode" collection, and  
sync changes with it, including changes coming from the Cosmo UI.  To  
do so, you need to use the trunk version of Chandler, and the latest  
Cosmo 0.6.1 version (I've been using bcm's server for testing).  Then  
to set things up:

- Set up an account on Cosmo using the web interface
- Set up a matching account within Chandler: File > Accounts... >  
Create new account... > Sharing (Experimental)
- Fill in the Server, User name, Password, Port, and Use SSL as usual
- For the account's Path field, however, simply leave it as /cosmo
- Hit the Test... button to verify the account info
- Before you dimiss the Accounts dialog, make sure your "out of the  
box" sharing account called "Cosmo Sharing Service" has a username  
and password, otherwise when you go to publish a collection it will  
prompt you to fill in that default account info.  Why?  I guess when  
we removed the ability to set a default sharing account from the  
Accounts dialog, the code which ensures your default account is  
properly filled out wasn't updated.
- Click Ok in the accounts dialog

At this point, if you want to save your account info to a .ini file,  
the save/restore settings feature now supports the new sharing  
account type

To publish to Cosmo using the morsecode protocol and the EIMML format:

- In Chandler, create a new collection in the sidebar and add events
- Use the Share > Share "collection name" menu to bring up the  
Collection Sharing dialog
- If you are asked to turn on timezones, say "No", because I think  
there is an issue with Cosmo not liking our timezone identifiers
- In the Collection Sharing dialog, choose the new morsecode sharing  
account in the pulldown, and choose what options you want to share
- Click the Share button

Assuming the share was successful, the dialog should now say "done"  
followed by a long URL.  Don't bother with the Copy URL(s) to  
Clipboard button because Cosmo doesn't return tickets to Chandler  
yet.  To get the "sharing url" for the collection:

- Log into Cosmo UI with your browser
- If you don't see an "account browser" link in the upper right,  
click on the "settings" link, then the "advanced" tab, and check the  
"Show Account Browser link" checkbox.  Then "Save"
- Click on the "account browser" link in the upper right of the Cosmo  
UI; you should now see a list of all the collections you have in your  
Cosmo account
- Click the "[browse]" link for the collection you published; you  
should now see a list of events in the collection, plus a list of  
- If you have no tickets, you need to create one or two.  To create a  
"read/write" ticket, click the "Read/Write" radio button then click  
"Grant Ticket"
- Now the Tickets list should include a row with details about the  
- Right-click the "[pim]" link and copy the link.  In Firefox this is  
"Copy Link Location".

That "pim" link is the "magic url" that you can hand to a browser or  
to Chandler.  If you wanted to you could paste that URL into a  
Chandler "Subscribe" dialog, and it should work.  However, Cosmo is  
not yet correctly syncing between two clients.  What does work is  
making changes in Chandler and the Cosmo UI and having those changes  
go back and forth.

Fields that can be synced:

- title
- location
- status
- body/description

The "event status" filter from the Share/Manage dialog should work

Known issues:
- As of this morning, events created via the Cosmo UI aren't syncable  
to Chandler because of the format of one EIM field (a seconds versus  
milliseconds misunderstanding).  So create the events in Chandler for  
the time being.
- There is no conflict detection in the CosmoUI.  To see changes that  
have come in from Chandler, you need to "refresh" the CosmoUI by  
going forward a week, then backward a week.  Also, don't forget to  
click the Save button in Cosmo UI after changing things.  That has  
bitten me a few times.
- "All day" events can't be sent to Cosmo.  Don't know why yet.
- Unstamping an event in Chandler, syncing, then restamping it as an  
event and syncing makes Cosmo unhappy

Unknown issues:
- Recurrence and Event Modifications/Exceptions.  I haven't tried  
this yet beyond a simple daily recurring event.
- I think timezone compatibility between Chandler and Cosmo is not  
quite there

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