[Chandler-dev] Changes to Chandler build environment - EggTranslations has moved

Mike Taylor bear at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 13 23:51:30 PST 2007

EggTranslations has always been a egg-plugin that was a standalone  
project but for various reasons it was initially located in chandler/ 
projects/ instead of external/ where all of our other "external"  
libraries are located.

Tonight Andi (with a r+ from me) made the changes necessary for  
EggTranslations to move to external/ and now it's installed like our  
other external libraries.

Unfortunately this will mean that you need to run "make distribclean"  
to remove the egg related information and then do a "make install".

If you do not you will see a "UserWarning" from the egg module loader  
that says egg_translations was already imported.



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