[Chandler-dev] Recurrence and changes to masters in the dashboard

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 13 18:43:11 PST 2007

Picking up this old thread:

The problem is that CommunicationsColumnAttributeEditor.advanceState
makes changes to master events which are inherited by many occurrences
displayed in the table view.  Refreshing the detail view makes them show
up correctly.

- Bryan suggested special casing the changing of read by setting all
occurrences explicitly
- Grant pointed out that this has a cost, and suggested that the
repository be responsible for propagating notifications from masters to
- Andi reflected that while this may be possible, it would probably mean
a significant performance hit

So, entering there:  I'm not sure why, but changing displayName for all
occurrences causes all occurrences to refresh.  Perhaps changing
displayName just triggers a full refresh somehow?

Since advanceState makes changes that affect all instances, and those
aren't getting picked up, I wonder if it would work to just add an
explicit Refresh when advanceState changes a master?  That would avoid
(for now) the performance issues Andi was alluding to.

Does that seem reasonable?


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