[Chandler-dev] Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r13139-checkpoint20070212

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 13 14:09:33 PST 2007

Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r13139-checkpoint20070212.
The testing for this  build was focused on winXP, OS X. The focus will 
rotate from week to week.

This report is also available on the wiki:

During Checkpoint testing the following Bugs were found:
* Bug:8083 Chandler won't start from chandler.exe
* Bug:8089 Changing a recurrence rule in the middle of a recurrence 
series no longer pops the recurrence change dialog
* Bug:8090 Triage status doesn't share
* Bug:8104 Main canvas slider indicates incorrectly that scrolling is 
possible when 24 hours displayed
* Bug:8109 Error dropping mail with PGP signature into Chandler

* Bug:8103 Mouse wheel often doesn't scroll sidebar (winXP only)

In the 7  days since the last checkpoint the following bugs were found:
1 NEW regressions were found

Bug:8069 SSL error dialogs don't work after r13045

39 NEW bugs were found

Bug:8007 Today's events temporarily wrong while restoring shares
Bug:8008 Talkback error creating new event on office calendar
Bug:8012 Item > Add to and Move to menu items should be disabled if 
nothing to add to or move to
Bug:8016 create new collection fails on Ubuntuscript recording create 
new collection fails on Ubuntu
Bug:8018 Attribute error on paste in dashboard
Bug:8019 NotImplementedError on 'cut' operation in dashboard
Bug:8020 Can't launch Chandler after a serie of Traceback
Bug:8021 Can't tab to hyperlinks in Accounts dialog
Bug:8027 minical repaints when navigating events
Bug:8028 Upgrade copyrights to 2007 in relevant files
Bug:8033 TZ_ID not consistent between Chandler and Cosmo UI
Bug:8038 Resizing Chandler is too slow
Bug:8039 Unstamping event doesn't delete ics
Bug:8040 Context menus for Sidebar Collections
Bug:8044 Exclamation appears next to one syncing collection in sidebar
Bug:8047 Tbox logs often empty
Bug:8048 Switching between empty Dashboard and calendar causes commit of 
240 items
Bug:8051 Quick entry of items works only intermittently
Bug:8053 Figure out way to work in EIM Sharing and WebDAV sharing into 
Accounts dialog
Bug:8054 None Type error using 'view as calendar' menu option
Bug:8056 Don't split recurring event series when changing the recurrence 
rule mid-series
Bug:8057 Search result numbers don't update when adding items to 
collections and disappears when refreshing the search session
Bug:8062 Email recurring events
Bug:8064 Focus error with SSL / Dialogs on Windows
Bug:8065 Mail error
Bug:8073 Entering an recurrence end date < start date makes event disappear
Bug:8074 Bus error in alpha5 svn 13085
Bug:8075 Time zone superscript in calendar lozenges is too big
Bug:8077 Unable to forward mail
Bug:8079 Date column not used for secondary sorting
Bug:8084 NameError on paste
Bug:8087 Support more recurrence rules
Bug:8091 search crashImport 3000 event calendar search crash
Bug:8094 DrawCollectionSwatches is too slow
Bug:8095 DrawEventRectangle is too slow
Bug:8096 DrawWrappedText is too slow
Bug:8098 qasharing must be SSL-enabled
Bug:8105 Sharing error in the Office Calendar
Bug:8106 reminders attr dirty after import


Count of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7 : 122 (up 6 from 7  days 
Count of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 31 (unchanged  from 7  
days ago).
Count of resolved bugs in last 7  days: 22 (up 4 from 7  days ago)
Count of all new bugs in last 7  days that are still open: 40 (up 3 from 
7  days ago)

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