[Chandler-dev] Performance of first time view switch vs subsequent switching

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 13 12:14:10 PST 2007

D John Anderson wrote:
> Actually it's a little more complicated than this.
> There are 3 situations:
> 1) we need to copy a new tree of blocks and need to attach new contents
> 2) we can reuse a cached copy but need to attach new contents
> 3) we can reuse a copy and don't need to attach new contents

Does that also cover the case where we have everything loaded into
memory vs. things coming from disk? I.e. cases where you have had
Chandler running for a while and have switched already between
collections, and the case where you shut that Chandler instance and
restart it with the same repository?

It is starting to look like we can't reasonably measure all cases. So do
we continue the status quo or measure something else? And if something
else, what is that?

  Heikki Toivonen

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