[Chandler-dev] Chandler Checkpoint 20070212 is ready for testing - please read note before running

Mike Taylor bear at osafoundation.org
Mon Feb 12 11:09:13 PST 2007

Checkpoint 20070212 of the Chandler 0.7alpha5 trunk can be found here:


NOTE: This is a checkpoint of the 0.7alpha5 *TRUNK* - it's not a  
dogfood candidate at all

*** Important -- Please Read! ***

You need to follow these Instructions *IF* you are upgrading from a  
version of Chandler older than 10 Nov 2006.

This version of Chandler has been changed in such a way that it is no  
longer compatible with older Chandler data.  This includes data that  
has been published to a Cosmo Sharing Account.

For details please read the following email posting about what you  
need to do BEFORE you install/run this
version of Chandler.


Please export any calendars you want to preserve to .ics files before  
running this new checkpoint.


Build and Release Engineer
Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF)
bear at osafoundation.org

bear at code-bear.com

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