[Chandler-dev] Sorted subindex...not sorted properly - Rebuilding index...installed on value...

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Thu Feb 8 20:26:50 PST 2007

On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, Andre Mueninghoff wrote:

> Repro Steps (using r13105) (not exactly mutually exclusive steps)
> 1. create a new repository using C:\Program
> Files\Chandler0.7alpha5>release\runchandler.bat --stderr --nocatch
> --create
> 2. Create new collection Untitled
> 3. Create 2nd new collection Untitled-1
> 4. Share both new collections to osaf.us
> 5. Create New Event on calendar in collection Untitled
> 6. Sync all
> 7. Change occurence of New Event in Untitled to weekly
> 8. Sync all
> 9. DnD New Event to collection Untitled-1, and click on All Events
> 10. Sync all
> 11. Check and Repair shows the following...
> Checking repository ...
> Check completed successfully in 0:00:01.641000
> <DBRepositoryView: Sharing (40)> merging 3 items...
> <DBRepositoryView: Sharing (44)> merging 5 items...
> <DBRepositoryView: Sharing (45)> merging 6 items...
> <DBRepositoryView: Sharing (46)> committed 86 items (67 kbytes) in

... snip ...

It would be good to try check/repair after each of the steps above.
And stop at the first error. The errors reported in your message are not the 
same as the triageStatus sort bug 7324.

I believe I've seen these dangling ref errors too and having a simple 
reproduction case would be tremendously helpful.

>  File "C:\Program
>  Files\Chandler0.7alpha5\parcels\osaf\framework\blocks\BranchP
> oint.py", line 123, in onSelectItemsEvent
>    self.selectedItem = None
>  File "C:\Program Files\Chandler0.7alpha5\repository\item\Item.py",
>  line 189, i
> n setAttributeValue
>    old = _attrDict[name]
> KeyError: <UUID: 1b5d8d38-b7eb-11db-fb56-a50e65bd82fa>
> <DBRepositoryView: Lucene (52)> indexed 1 items in 0:00:00.094000

The above error is also a dangling ref problem.

If you could isolate a simple (not involving too much back and forth with the 
server (ideally none) reproduction case and attach the corresponding 
repository (and chandler.log file) to a proper bugzilla bug entry, that would 
be very helpful.

> PS By the way, love the new sizable sidebar on my laptop, but it doesn't
> render on my home PC, both Win XP Pro...go figure...will monitor.

The XP rendering problem was fixed this afternoon.


ps: involving the server in reproducing the bugs make this extra hard as the
     data on the server keeps changing and may not be right anymore to help
     with reproducing the bug. I know, sometimes there is no other way....

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