[Chandler-dev] Re: [chandler-users] End date of recurring event becomes incremented by one day

Andre Mueninghoff andre_mueninghoff at fastmail.fm
Wed Feb 7 10:28:06 PST 2007

Hi Dan, I always have timezones turned on and set to US/Eastern. I've
seen this 3 or 4 times of which I am certain. Even though the end date
increments by one day, the last instance in the recurring series
displays and is dated for the correct date in the calendar. Since this
seems to be new, I will try to create reproducible steps. I'll leave it
to you to decide whether to file a bug now or wait to see if I can
reliably reproduce.

Thanks much, Andre

On Wed, 07 Feb 2007 09:28:57 -0800, "Dan Steinicke"
<dan at osafoundation.org> said:
> After three attempts I have been unable to reproduce this on r13074/ OS 
> X Intel, but maybe we should file a bug anyway if it is consistently 
> happening for Andre. 
> Andre what are your timezone settings?  
> Andre Mueninghoff wrote:
> > Hi, (posting to the Dev and Users lists)
> >
> > Has anyone noticed the end date on a recurring event being incremented
> > mysteriously by one day? I haven't pinned down yet the minimum
> > conditions to produce the effect, and was wondering if anyone else has
> > seen this and/or whether it was already captured in a bug report.
> >
> > It seems that if I create a recurring event in a published collection,
> > sync the collection, run check and repair on the repository (a new habit
> > of mine), add an end date, sync again, check and repair again, that
> > somewhere in that chain the end date becomes incremented by one. For
> > example, this evening I created in Chandler a weekly recurring event
> > beginning Thursday, 3/1/2007 and ending Thursday, 3/29/2007. Later in
> > the evening, I noticed the end date had changed to 3/30/2007. This was
> > from the publish side of the collection sharing and using r13070, though
> > I recall seeing this a few weeks ago also.
> >
> > Thanks, Andre
> >   
  Andre Mueninghoff
  andre_mueninghoff at fastmail.fm

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