[Chandler-dev] Re: [Cosmo-dev] IRC QA session, Wednesday, Feb 7th 11:00 AM PST

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Wed Feb 7 08:35:41 PST 2007

Aparna Kadakia wrote:
> The existing production data on our hosted service, osaf.us, has been 
> migrated to a staging instance, lab.osaf.us for testing purposes.
> If you have existing calendars published on osaf.us, they should now be 
> available on lab.osaf.us with the same username/passwords.
> The migrated Cosmo instance is available at: http://lab.osaf.us:4002/cosmo/

Additional context for anyone wishing to participate:
* osaf.us is still the production (ie, live) instance.  All changes made 
to any accounts on lab.osaf.us will be thrown away later.  You can test 
your account freely on lab.osaf.us without any impact on your "real" 
account at osaf.us.  Please don't accidently leave your Chandler pointed 
to lab.osaf.us.

* As with production/live data, of course only you can access your 
lab.osaf.us account.  All security policies protecting the live data at 
osaf.us apply to the lab.osaf.us instance.

* This "Cosmo 0.6 upgrade" testing is necessary because the Cosmo schema 
changed between Cosmo 0.5 and Cosmo 0.6.  Our testing consists of 
running Cosmo's database migration script and this "spot checking" of 
the results that we're doing.  If we miss problems during this round of 
testing, these same problems will appear when we later upgrade osaf.us 
"for real".

> - Change the Cosmo Sharing Service in the Chandler account dialog to 
> point to the new server(lab.osaf) 

Aparna, what impact does have on your production osaf.us account?  After 
testing, when a user switches back to osaf.us, will test changes get 
propagated back to their "live" account at osaf.us?  We wouldn't want 
that to happen.  (I personally am testing using separate Chandler 
profile/repositories than my real account.)

 > - Start a new Chandler profile, and sync that profile to the new
 > server, compare with an original Chandler still pointing at osaf.us
 > live.

Ah, this should probably go first :)  That is, "keep an original 
Chandler" while doing the above lab.osaf.us testing.


-- Jared

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