[Chandler-dev] Removing plugins and what else for Preview?

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 6 21:53:13 PST 2007

Katie mentioned that we plan to remove plugins from Preview. This
prompted me to get a clarification of what exactly do we want to remove
in Preview.

I'd like to trim the end-user release to NOT include:

projects/ directory (i.e. plugins)
tools/ directory (i.e. functional and performance tests)
*tests* directories (i.e. unit tests)
samples/ directory
all files not needed to run Chandler or Python itself under release/
directory (i.e. remove any scripts and utility executables still left
there - I have proposed to make a separate zip download for people who
want these)
Experimental menu
Test menu (we'd probably want to move some more of these items to the
remaining menus)

I'd leave developer release as is.

Note that this would mean that localizers would need to get the
developer build unless we made a localizer's zip that could be unpacked
over the end-user release.

* Smaller downloads
* Smaller disk footprint
* Slightly smaller memory footprint
* Slightly better performance
* A little cleaner UI

* Dealing with the confusion of different files in end-user and
developer releases
* Need to make some downloadable packages for tools

  Heikki Toivonen

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