[Chandler-dev] Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r13040-checkpoint20070205

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Tue Feb 6 13:25:03 PST 2007

Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r13040-checkpoint20070205.
The testing for this  build was focused on OSX , Ubuntu. The focus will 
rotate from week to week.

This report is also available on the wiki:

During Checkpoint testing the following Bugs were found:

Bug:8001 Changing triage status in search results crashes Chandler 
Bug:8003 Rapidly left clicking 'stamp as event' markup bar button raises 
type error
Bug:7996 type errors during Flickr tag search

Bug:7995 status pull down renders wrong sometimes

In the 7  days since the last checkpoint the following bugs were found:

3 NEW regressions were found
Bug:7935 Minicalendar sometimes not displayed
Bug:7970 dynamic container refactoring in r12962 caused view switching 
perf slowdowndynamic container refactoring in r12962 caused view 
switching perf slowdown
Bug:7994 Stamping performance regressed with reminder rework 
r12977Stamping performance regressed with reminder rework r12977

34 NEW bugs were found
Bug:7934 Chandler cannot publish to collection without etag
Bug:7938 Choose timezone dialog doesn't respond to mouse scrollwheel 
until a selection is made
Bug:7939 Traceback on test account when xml validation fails
Bug:7940 Extra line(s) appear next to all-day checkbox on Ubuntu
Bug:7942 multistate button should not try so many different formats and 
should raise for not found
Bug:7943 Forward button does nothing on mail just sent
Bug:7944 Deleting collections and items should move items to the trash
Bug:7946 multistate buttons in status bar should load images lazily
Bug:7949 Backup in startup dialog instead of tarball
Bug:7950 Traceback in attribute editor's onKeyUp
Bug:7954 Search results not cleared from one search to the next
Bug:7955 Saved searches should have meaningful names
Bug:7956 None Type error switching to calendar view after searching
Bug:7962 installer fails on win2k
Bug:7965 Quick entry can't find PyLucene
Bug:7966 Markup bar buttons start up stacked in corner in window changes
Bug:7969 Clicking around the sidebar and appbar should filter search 
results accordingly
Bug:7971 Sidebar should grey out sidebar icons when displaying search 
results in the Calendar app area
Bug:7972 Traceback popped up when I attempted to switch the Search 
results view to Dashboard view
Bug:7978 Sort out view selector menu options
Bug:7980 Crash when launching Chandler
Bug:7982 The dashbooard displays without the sections (intermittent)
Bug:7984 Tweaks to Relevance column in Search results view
Bug:7985 blank .ics file attached to email
Bug:7987 current debian build is including multiple copies of the 
chandler image
Bug:7993 Starting Chandler causes reboot of Win2k Pro   * Bug:7998 
minical should cache size to avoid RecalcGeometry
Bug:7999 Hyperlinks in accounts dialog don't work on ubuntu
Bug:8000 Accounts dialog hyperlinks should be the actual URLs
Bug:8004 Error restoring settings
Bug:8006 Some events not appearing on my calendars
Bug:8007 Today's events temporarily wrong while restoring shares
Bug:8008 Talkback error creating new event on office calendar
Bug:8010 We should disable controls that can not be used yet inn the context
Bug:8012 Item > Add to and Move to menu items should be disabled if 
nothing to add to or move to


Count of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7 : 116 (down 4 from 7  
days ago).
Count of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 31 (up 31 from 7  days ago).
Count of resolved bugs in last 7  days: 18 (down 10 from 7  days ago)
Count of all new bugs in last 7  days that are still open: 37 (up 1 from 
7  days ago)

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