[Chandler-dev] Perf Improvements status

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Thu Apr 26 22:29:58 PDT 2007


We had a Chandler Engineering Meeting this afternoon and reviewed the 
status of the Performance work (see meeting notes: 

In short:
- we haven't achieve the acceptable perf targets for some tests (still 
quite a bit of red in the matrix) so we are not considering the perf 
work as completed
- we however do need to review the baseline numbers and recalibrate them 
based on real user experience
- for this we decided to have a special QA session sometime next week 
(date TBD) where we'll collectively review these scenarios and collate 
feedback on how those feel from an end user standpoint (details like 
test data set TBD). Please stay tune as we organize this. Your help will 
be very much appreciated (we need as many different kinds of machines as 
- some devs do not have much perf work left and will be switching to 
debug mode starting Monday (I talked to all of the Apps devs this 
afternoon so things should be clear there, if you are wondering where 
you stand though please contact Katie or me)
- some others still need to continue on perf work for at least a week

The most important action here is to organize and held this perf 
scenario testing session. This will help us get a feeling of the perf 
beyond the raw numbers and refocus on the areas that really need more 
work before Preview.

BTW, for this session to be efficient, we need to help Aparna create the 
test data set. So please answer to the call she sent yesterday about 
this subject (email titled "dump files with real data masked" on this list).

- Philippe

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