[Chandler-dev] [Sum] April 2 - 8

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 25 09:36:26 PDT 2007

Build, Release, QA
*Weekly checkpoint*
Bear spins:
Dan tests:

Bear noted that tinderboxes have been using rt for the last two weeks.
He wanted to remove do_tests.sh, and asked for feedback about any problems.

PJE and Bear exchanged messages about obstacles PJE ran into. Bear
explained that rt required a system Python, 2.4+, or can be run using
Chandler's Python (RunPython.bat). PJE uncovered a bug with rt and
Chandler's Python on windows (cytpes not included). Heikki explained why
he prefers to run rt using system Python.

PJE asked that do_tests.sh not be removed until it runs properly with
Chandler's Python on all platforms, and after he's had a chance to test
out interactions with other tools.

Heikki explained that he defragmented the disk on the p_win machine,
speeding up tests.

*Feature Complete*
Closing in on FC, Philippe summarized current status:

Bear changed the timezone on dev-imac2 to EST, to assist in locating
timezone bugs.

Katie summarized recent menu changes (Bug 5236).

Katie explained that "move to collection" and "add to collection"
functionality won't be available from Menus in Preview. Andre observed
that "drag and drop" + "Remove" is more work than "Move To", so a menu
item would be desirable (if not a must have for Preview).

Heikki commented out accelerators on standard menus (on Linux, this
enables icons). John observed this removes the shortcuts on Mac.

*Dump et Reload*
Morgen moved the OOTB "currentSharingAccount" to live in //userdata, so 
it gets dumped and reloaded like everything else. Morgen also gave code 
for the way sharing preferences (as well as other preferences) should be 
handled -- they yield a record. John agreed with Morgen's strategy and code.

*Localizing English*
Philippe suggested shipping with an English localization.
- Mimi and others could edit strings in a po file
- Less error prone to edit po file instead of Python files
- Making changes doesn't require rebuilding the app
- Developers could distinguish between strings in code that are the same 
in English but different in other languages

Brian Kirsch was concerned that developers would have to edit python 
files and po files as they coded, which isn't effecient. Philippe 
explained that he assumed devs would continue putting English strings in 
the code (not keys that match up to po files), we'd just do an English 
localization on top of that.

Jeffrey observed that the error risk when editing the Python files is 
fairly minimal -- syntax errors are caught quickly. Jeffrey noted that 
grepping for the string he sees is his way of finding code generating a 
particular message, turning off the translation is a minor pain. 
Philippe recommended that devs always run in "geek speak", which will 
usually be a good approximation of the English localization. Eventually, 
last minute code changes will break all localization pos. An English 
localization will also allow us to tweak English wording after 
localizations have started. Brian Kirsch and Jeffrey agreed with the 
proposal, particularly given that advantage.

*Tips for Profiling*
Andi wrote up things to consider when profiling.
- Use the same data when comparing numbers. (Andi gave instructions on 
how to use the same repository every time -- including UUIDs)
- Preload items if you are not interested in measuring effects of 
loading items. (Andi gave instructions on running check() to load items).
- Andi gave code for wrapping a specific block that you are measuring.
- Think about each placement of commit(). Commit() is expensive and 
should be done *between* user actions instead of *during* user actions. 
Remove extraneous or inappropriate calls to commit(). One pattern is to 
let the user event that started the action do the commit.
- Keep in mind that the app loads things lazily (images, items, etc.)
- Look into calls that get made an unexpectedly large # of times. Even 
if the calls themselves don't take much time, they may point to a larger 
- Send people .stats files not .log files from the profiler. (Andi gave 
more info on .stats files).

Meetings, Announcements
Platform team meeting:

Apps team meeting:

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