[Chandler-dev] Informal 'Sharing' test session at 2:30 PM in osaf-qa channel

Aparna Kadakia aparna at osafoundation.org
Tue Apr 24 13:11:14 PDT 2007

Hello Everyone,
Since today's Design session at 2:30 PM has been cancelled, we were  
planning on using that time slot for an informal collaborative QA  
We will be conducting it in the osaf-qa channel.

The plan is to test out the new sharing framework that uses morsecode/ 
eimml against Cosmo 0.6.1.
QAcosmo has been updated with the latest cosmo 0.6.1 build.

Here's what we would need help from people on:
1. Get latest version of Chandler
2. Get an account on http://qacosmo.osafoundation.org
3. Setup the Chandler Hub Sharing account in Chandler to point to  
Server: qacosmo.osafoundation.org
port : 80
no SSL
4. Publish calendars on qacosmo
5. Post the URLS in the osaf-qa channel for people to subscribe to those
6. Make edits to the events in the shared calendars specifically  
around recurrence modifications, timezones, stamping etc
7. Sync the collection and validate with the changes do propagate  
8. Create conflicts and make sure those appear correctly in the  
detail view UI


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