[Chandler-dev] PerfLargeDataScrollTable fails intermittently

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Fri Apr 20 09:04:29 PDT 2007

At the time of my checkin last night the PerfLargeDataScrollTable  
test started failing, so I assumed that I caused the error. But what  
may be happening is that depending on when you run the test, the test  
calendar data has times where there are either 3 triage sections  
(done, now, later) or 2 triage sections (done and later) because no  
test event is happening "now".  Sure enough, I set my computer's  
clock ahead to overlap with the next test event and the test passed.   
The error is...

   File "/Users/morgen/dev/trees/trunk/parcels/osaf/views/main/ 
Sections.py", line 154, in findSectionValue
	return getattr(self.blockItem.contents[self.sectionIndexes[section]],

IndexError : list index out of range

I think "section" is 2 in this case, which fails if there are only 2  
sections (0 and 1).

So I suspect the tinderboxes will go green again at 11am, when the  
next event in the test calendar data is scheduled.


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