[Chandler-dev] PPD bug triage

Sheila Mooney sheila at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 18 23:14:27 PDT 2007

So the PPD team is in the middle of going through all the bugs we  
have logged for Preview and prioritizing them. I wanted to send out  
our work in progress as well as explain what we are doing and why.  
This is a bit confusing since we currently have 2 targets in  
bugzilla, Alpha5 and 0.7. The bug council is planning on  
consolidating these starting with a big triage of the 0.7 bugs. PPD  
wanted to get a handle on what is in both of these bins so we know we  
are fixing things in the right order. Mimi and I are prioritizing the  
end-user related bugs and not including qa, dev or build related items.

Mimi and I are bucketing all the bugs as follows.

+ P1: Bugs that prevent users from trying out the app or the features.
+ P2: Bugs that block dogfooders.
+ P3: Stuff that is actively confusing to people.
+ P4: Stuff that make it more likely for people to stick with  
Chandler (nice to haves).

We are categorizing everything this way because we feel that it  
reflects how often people will run into these issues and their level  
of importance to the user. For this reason you will see a P3 bug in  
the P1 or P2 bucket or vice-versa. With so many bugs prioritized as  
P3, it gives us a way to isolate which ones really are a higher  
priority than others. We are proposing they be upgraded or downgraded  
in priority as indicated so we can make sure fix those that have the  
biggest impact to the user. Many of the P3 bugs represent edge cases  
or occur under very specific circumstances and can be moved to P4.

The page we have put together has 2 sections. http:// 

+ A triage of all the Alpha5 bugs into the above 4 buckets (about 2/3  
done at this stage)
+ Review of the 0.7 bugs to isolate those that we don't want punted  
prior to Philippe doing a bug triage of this list. We have also noted  
those that should be upgraded or downgraded in priority according to  
the classifications above.

We are going to discuss this further during tomorrow's bug council  
but wanted to send it out for people to look at in the meantime.


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