[Chandler-dev] No more perf regression bugs?

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 16 18:34:55 PDT 2007

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Heikki Toivonen wrote:

>> perceived regression happened because a new feature was added then the
>> regression is also bogus. If the perceived regression is because a bug
>> was fixed then the regression is still bogus.
> I disagree. It is certainly possible to make a performance regression
> bug as part of adding a new feature or fixing another bug. You just
> can't know it without checking. Hence, I have filed perf regression bugs
> as reminders that these should be checked.

My point was that you (or whoever files the bug) should do the checking. 
Talking to the developer instead of filing a bug is a welcome move.

> If you are asking me to understand each checkin well enough to know if a
> change was due to a bug, I think you are asking too much. For example,
> if you check in a fix to some repository bug and I notice performance
> got slower, there is basically no way I would be able to tell if you
> made a mistake or not.  Of course if somebody, including me, changes
> code I do know, I will be able to do an effective code review looking
> for performance problems.

Yes, there is a way. Ask me about the change before filing the bug.
Bugzilla is not a substitute for human interaction on a small project like 

> Generally speaking I would be looking at days or weeks or even more per
> checkin for me to ramp up my understanding of the code that changed to
> be able to say with any certainty if the checkin was buggy or not. I
> just don't think that would be a good use of my time, considering the
> person who checked in would be done in a few hours at most.

Agreed. Hence my point about talking to the developer first.

> If you do think we need someone other than the person who made the
> checkin to understand all the code before filing perf regression bugs,
> then I think we need someone more knowledgeable than me to review all
> the checkins. Peer reviews? Chandler benevolent dictator?

Peer reviews can be very useful, especially during a period like the one now.
During a "new feature" phase they are mostly useless, especially when applied 
to performance.


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