[Chandler-dev] [Sum] March 12 - 18

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 11 21:19:02 PDT 2007

Build, Release and QA
*Weekly checkpoint*
Bear spins:

*IRC bot command*
Bear added a new IRC bot command: ~mark

*rt on Linux*
Heikki observed that functional tests on Linux are very sensitive to 
focus and active window changes. Running them in a nested X Server can 
help (useful for VNC presentations as well). Heikki checked in a helper 
script: xrt.sh

*Recorded scripts as tests*
Clarifying a commit comment, Dan noted that some scripts were starting 
to work.

Jared asked if "removing old sharing" meant Chandler would not be able 
to store data on any server besides Cosmo. Morgen explained that 
Chandler is a CalDAV client, and can share events with CalDAV servers. 
Chandler can also use any WebDAV server to share items over EIMML.

*Master Password*
Heikki asked for feedback, code review on his password encryption 
implementation. Remaining issues:
- chandler, unit tests don't always quit (threading issue?)
- asking for master password from background thread will break
- unsetting master password before passwords are initialized

*EIM attributes*
Grant summarized open issues wrt the domain model and EIM, in particular 
for ContentItem, Note, Stamps. Bryan Kirsch, Brian Stearns, Morgen and 
Grant discussed the details in the subsequent thread:

Philippe noted at one point that needsReply should not be shared 
(basically treated the same way as read/unread).

*Error icons*
Morgen jumped into a design thread about error icons. His points:
- ask a Share object if it has any conflicts via share.hasConflicts()
- share.hasConflicts(item) for a particular item
- sharing.SharedItem(item).conflictingStates for a particular item
- no syncing per-item errors -- sharing layer treats a collection as an 
atomic unit
- sharing error not per-item is already shown in sidebar (Share object's 
"error" attribute)

Grant observed that per-item errors are possible in CalDAV. Morgen 
agreed, and will try and set item.error when a DAV error happens.

*Skipping recursive refresh*
Morgen described a scenario that generated an error in Stearns' log.
- subscribe
- commit (on the view the repository uses to subscribe)
- wx.GetApp().PostAsyncEvent( ) lets main thread know it is time to 
refresh the main repository view
The refresh doesn't happen, and a "skipping recursive refresh" message 
is generated. The subscribe collection is then not found in the main 
repository view. Morgen asked why this happens, and if the 
PostAsyncEvent call interrupts the main thread.

Update: Morgen later gave a link to an IRC discussion. It only happens 
when running Wing.

Meetings, Announcements
IRC QA session, desktop recurrence:

Meeting coordinating EIM-related features:

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