[Chandler-dev] chandlerdb updated (0.6-96)

Andi Vajda vajda at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 11 18:24:51 PDT 2007

After your next 'svn update' you need to get the latest chandlerdb version
by running in 'chandler':
      make chandlerdb  - OR -

This update introduces a change to the 'method' index protocol. Two methods 
instead of one are now expected to be implemented on their implementation 
   - <methodName>(u0, u1, vals)
   - <methodName>_init(u, vals)
The <methodName> method is now invoked with three parameters instead of two:
   - u0, u1 and vals
     u0 and u1 are the UUIDs of the items to somehow compare and
     vals is a dict caching values, keyed on the u0/u1 arguments.
     implementors are welcome to add values to the 'vals' cache and check for
     them in their comparator implementation.
   - during insertion or searches, the same u0 is used in
     every comparison, the <methodName>_init method is called to force the
     caching of this often used value.

This idea by Bryan (and a few months ago, by Grant) has divided the number of 
data fetches by 6 when triaging the dashboard with a 3000 event calendar.

I fixed all method indexes I could find.


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