[Chandler-dev] "skipping recursive refresh"

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 11 18:24:58 PDT 2007

Out of curiosity... did you ever track this down Morgen?


Morgen Sagen wrote:
> Just prior to this, the log shows normal subscribe activity, and my 
> guess is that the commit( ) shown is from line 104 of /util/task.py -- 
> this is on the repository view used to subscribe, and the purpose of it 
> is to make all the sharing view changes available to other views.  Once 
> that has completed, wx.GetApp().PostAsyncEvent( ) is used to let the 
> main thread know it's time to refresh the main repository view (line 136 
> of /application/dialogs/SubscribeCollection.py).  However, this refresh 
> doesn't seem to happen, as indicated by the "skipping recursive refresh" 
> message above, and the subsequent failure to find the subscribe 
> collection in the main repository view.
> Any ideas how we're getting a "recursive refresh"?  Does the 
> PostAsyncEvent( ) call "interrupt" what's going on in the main thread?  
> (I'm assuming it doesn't)

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