[Chandler-dev] FC Status and Bug Council @ 4pm

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 4 10:31:15 PDT 2007


Here under the notes of yesterday's meeting. The skinny:
- we're on track for FC Thursday
- we'll be having the Bug Council Wednesday (today) @ 11am in lieu of 
the IRC QA session

- Philippe

Meeting notes:

- EIM/Sharing:
   - Status: round trip test is working, couple of tests not working 
yet. Bugs logged and Jeffrey and Grant working on those.
   - Status: QA can try testing sharing now using Cosmo's trunk!  Too 
early though to get the QA session of tomorrow on this... Try to avoid 
recurrence items cases though for now (see above)
   - Issue: filter (sharing of what has been shared by the original 
publisher). Will be logged independently and reviewed by PPD post FC 
(and possibly post Preview though we haven't decided on that yet)
   - Chandler use of EIM by default: we will *not* switch the default 
Cosmo account in Chandler before Cosmo 0.6.1 is out. FC can happen 
before that's done (so to give the time to Cosmo team to stabilize using 
an FCed Chandler).

- Dump and Reload:
   - Bear: submitted code to Heikki, discussion on the design list, we 
decided in a meeting (see 
http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Projects/DumpReload) that we wouldn't 
support full dump automation, manual dump is fine.
   - Bkirsch: working on accounts, etc... should be done by Thursday
   - John: collection and sidebars, manual tests failing so far, should 
be done today or tomorrow, working with pje on this
   - Morgen: will be finished tomorrow

- Other bugs
   - 4386: (Morgen) this is caldav interop task, moved to 0.7 release
   - 8450: (Morgen) this is not blocking FC by decision of the bug council
   - 6563: (Katie) will be done by Thursday
   - 3047: (John) context menu, making them work is fine, issue is with 
new commands and list of variable/dynamic menu. Decided in the meeting 
to log separately this dynamic menus issue and cut from Preview.
   - 7766: (Reid). Issue to make it work on Mac (see Reid's email on the 
dev list yesterday). John to talk to Reid about it.

Philippe Bossut wrote:
> Hi,
> We'll be having our weekly meeting this afternoon @ 4pm in Gotham. 
> We'll use "my" bridge number (Dial in: 1-800-391-1709 Bridge: 307035).
> We'll start the meeting with a 30 minutes review of the remaining open 
> "task", a follow up to the meeting we had Thursday. If you have tasks 
> open, you need to attend this meeting.
> We'll then triage the untargetted bugs as usual. Only the regular Bug 
> Council members need to attend that second part of the meeting
> Cheers,
> - Philippe
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