[Chandler-dev] Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r13755-checkpoint20070402

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Tue Apr 3 08:24:54 PDT 2007

Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha5.dev-r13755-checkpoint20070402.
  The testing for this  build was focused on mac OS X, winXP. The focus 
will rotate from week to week.

This report is also available on the wiki:

Checkpoint testing the following Bugs were found:
  Bug:8636 IndexError: list assignment index out of range
  Bug:8644 Search doesn't always update/ clear status bar text


In the 7  days since the last checkpoint the following bugs were found:
1 NEW regressions were found
  Bug:8656 Various performance regressions with r13766Various 
performance regressions with r13766
65 NEW bugs were found
  Bug:8504 Quick entry in Dashboard with 3k perf testcase
  Bug:8505 Triage in Dashboard with 3k perf testcase
  Bug:8513 Make Intel versus PPC slightly more user-friendly on 
downloads pages
  Bug:8514 Sharees should be able to see sharer's sharing filters first
  Bug:8517 SVN revision number missing from Help > about pop up
  Bug:8518 Can't restore my shares
  Bug:8519 stale item has no EventStamp recurrenceID
  Bug:8520 wrong dialog pops upWhen removing items from Dashboard wrong 
dialog pops up
  Bug:8521 Event lozenge displays extra timezone information
  Bug:8523 New subscribe code allows you to subscribe to same url twice
  Bug:8524 recurrence related)no local value for 'inheritFrom' 
(unstamping related recurrence related)
  Bug:8525 recurrence dialog for stamping a recurring series gives 
various options
  Bug:8528 'Toolbar' object has no attribute 'widget'
  Bug:8529 Re-address 'byline displays last editor even if their changes 
haven't been applied'
  Bug:8536 Queueing up messages and dealing with the aftermath of an 
Outgoing email error
  Bug:8537 When replying or forwarding an event or task the new message 
can get lost
  Bug:8539 Originators not updating when string case changed
  Bug:8555 whereWhen to display an error/alert icon where
  Bug:8570 Welcome note text for Preview release
  Bug:8571 New text and logo for About Chandler dialog
  Bug:8572 Updated text for README.osx.txt
  Bug:8573 Updated text for README.linux.txt
  Bug:8574 Update text for README.windows.txt
  Bug:8575 Create new splash screen for Preview
  Bug:8576 New desktop icons for Preview.
  Bug:8577 Change link to Chandler FAQ in help menu
  Bug:8578 wx.core PyAssertionError invalid DC
  Bug:8579 Super bug for rebranding the desktop
  Bug:8580 Can tab in to read only byline fields
  Bug:8581 Improve communication status icons
  Bug:8582 Re-subscribing to the Office calendar read-only replaced my 
read-write Office calendar collection
  Bug:8583 Read-only stamping icons have grey background
  Bug:8585 Traceback when resubscribing to read-write Office calendar
  Bug:8586 DisplayAlarmRecord doesn't override master's reminder
  Bug:8593 duplicate events in calendar
  Bug:8594 missing password causes error
  Bug:8599 Search results view will not cancel...traceback on attempt
  Bug:8601 Assert during script playback when switching collections
  Bug:8604 Segmentation fault during script playback
  Bug:8605 Copy and paste of occurrences not working reliably
  Bug:8606 Alarms that fire   *after  * an event end time do not tickle 
to NOW correctly
  Bug:8607 Mail imported via the special folders appearing in dashboard 
with wrong communication status icon
  Bug:8609 Sending mail error does not auto-triage correctly
  Bug:8616 Conflicts on master event should display alert icon next to 
all occurrences in Dashboard
  Bug:8624 Release of un-acquiredd lock on Backup
  Bug:8625 Turning on timezones fires old alarms
  Bug:8627 Improve text when sidebar / app bar selections result in zero 
  Bug:8628 Fastmail server issue with Chandler Mail
  Bug:8635 Can't shutdown Chandler
  Bug:8638 Unpublish should have a confirmation dialog
  Bug:8639 Move all Sync menus under File...
  Bug:8640 App menus and TooltipsRationalize Context menus App menus and 
  Bug:8645 summary table view doesn't refresh to show the search results 
from the selected collection
  Bug:8646 rt.py --continue is a bit too diligent when it comes to Ctrl-C
  Bug:8647 Distinguish between change and 
duplicate/cut/copy/paste/add/move in recurrence edit diaogs?
  Bug:8648 Recurring event change dialog: All future events option 
should be This and future events
  Bug:8649 Don't use 'stamp' in Recurring event change dialog.
  Bug:8651 Users should be able view / edit read-only items in the 
following way:
  Bug:8652 Menu items can't have the same command key sequence.
  Bug:8653 VersionConflictError when restoring published shares
  Bug:8654 Demo menu does not have keyboard mnemonic/shortcut
  Bug:8655 Save changes and run script both have Ctrl+S shortcut
  Bug:8657 Need to build and distribute ctypes module
  Bug:8658 Missing documentation on en_GB locale requirementMissing 
documentation on en_GB locale requirement

  Count of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7 : 161 (up 11 from 7  
days ago).
  Count of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 48 (up 29 from 7  days ago).
  Count of resolved bugs in last 7  days: 47 (up 35 from 7  days ago)
  Count of all new bugs in last 7  days that are still open: 68 (up 44 
from 7  days ago)

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