[Chandler-dev] Menu Madness (i.e. where has my favorite menu gone?)

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Tue Apr 3 00:33:59 PDT 2007

Katie Capps Parlante wrote:
> - Unsubscribe/Unpublish share a menu item and event (Unshare)
This has been moved back to two items -- Morgen suggested we'd want them 
to be independent, to allow a user to "Unsubscribe" from a share they 
had "Published".

 > Work left to do:
> - edit/remove applies to items and collections separately
> - Jump to calendar view/weekview
> - Addto/moveto

John is taking the above (thanks John!)

> - Online/offline for all shares and for all inclusive (works per share 
> and for Mail)

These items now have handlers, the rest of the work is Bug 6553 (offline 
mode). "Sync" and "Suspend syncing" (the user friendly name for offline 
mode) have been moved to the File menu. The rationale is that they 
applied to email as well as sharing, so felt odd under the "Share" menu.

Menu related specs:

John and Heikki both observed that we still need to rationalize keyboard 
shortcuts (or whatever they are called), so that remains a todo item.


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