[Chandler-dev] New test running tool: rt.py

Mike Taylor bear at code-bear.com
Mon Apr 2 20:44:25 PDT 2007

On Apr 2, 2007 PJE wrote:

> I'm confused.  If ctypes is needed, why aren't we compiling it?  And 
> what
> does Cygwin's Python have to do with anything?  (I specifically keep 
> mine
> at 2.3 in order to do setuptools testing, and AFAIK Cygwin's package
> manager doesn't support having multiple installed Python versions.)
> It seems kind of strange that we should be requiring people to install 
> a
> second version of Python in order to support a tool we added that 
> requires
> part of the stdlib that we don't build...  I mean, why go out of our 
> way to
> patch Python *not* to build part of its standard library, just so we 
> can
> then make people have to install another whole copy of Python, 
> separately?
> (Note, by the way, that *not* building ctypes potentially breaks other
> parts of the stdlib - the new Python "uuid" module uses it, for 
> example.)

The answer comes in two parts - when we were developing rt we needed to 
use the new subprocess code and only until later testing did we realize 
that cytpes for windows Python only came in 2.5 so your python needs 
shifted from 2.4 to 2.5 for windows.

*Then* we found out that Chandler's build of Python did not have ctypes 
- I have not yet found out why that is.  Your right that I will have to 
adjust Chandler's Python to include ctypes and as far as I know we 
didn't "go out of our way" to not include it.  But for details I need 
to ask Andi as he was the one that actually performed the 2.4 -> 2.5 
upgrade within Chandler.

The reason we set rt.py to use the system python is so that the test 
running tool is not using the code that it is testing (and to not have 
to have two copies of Chandler Python installed.)


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