[Chandler-dev] New test running tool: rt.py

Mike Taylor bear at osafoundation.org
Mon Apr 2 15:31:08 PDT 2007

The tinderboxes have been using rt.py for the last two weeks and this  
Wednesday I will be removing do_tests.sh from the repository.

It would be great if everyone gives rt.py a run and let me know of  
any issues they have.

./tools/rt.py --help

Other options:

-m	--mode			debug or release; by default attempts both

-u	--unit			unit tests each in own process
-f	--funcSuite		Functional test suite
-p	--perf			Performance tests
-r 	--recordedScript	Run the Chandler recorded scripts
-t	--test			Run test(s) (comma separated list) (.py optional)

-U	--unitSuite		all unit tests in single process
-F	--func			Functional tests each in own process

-v	--verbose		Verbose output
-C	--continue		Continue even after test failures
-i	--ignoreEnv		Ignore environment variables
-P 	--profile			Profile performance tests with hotshot



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