[Chandler-dev] Checkpoint status report

Dan Steinicke dan at osafoundation.org
Tue Oct 17 08:35:05 PDT 2006

Checkpoint testing 0.7alpha4.dev-r12033-checkpoint20061016.

The testing for this build was focused on Ubuntu, iOS X. The focus will 
rotate from week to week.  Starting with this week resolved bugs will be 
omitted from the bug lists.

This report is also available on the wiki: 


       During Checkpoint testing the following Bugs were found:


   * Bug:7084 Lozenge disappears while creating next event
   * Bug:7089 Detail view doesn't always refresh after canceling a recurring
     event change
   * Bug:7096 Key error when sorting after deletion



       In the 6 days since the last checkpoint the following bugs were

2 NEW regressions were found

   * Bug:7111 Creating new event performance regression in r11988Creating new
     event performance regression in r11988
   * Bug:7112 Import calendar performance regression with r12016Import calendar
     performance regression with r12016

21 NEW bugs were found

   * Bug:7019 Problems sharing edited recurring events (KeyError)
   * Bug:7020 add feature to wxGrid to disallow multiple selections -- for sidebar
   * Bug:7021 refactor hardhatlib's copyEggs()
   * Bug:7024 Improvements to divider in the sidebar
   * Bug:7048 implement email address count indicator
   * Bug:7049 Back port to wx of tbar95.cpp fix
   * Bug:7050 implement cc/bcc hiding
   * Bug:7057 do_tests should use setup.py test to run the unit tests for parcels
   * Bug:7058 Clean up extra cruft in Sidebar.py associated with work on overlay
   * Bug:7068 Apparent timeouts after server 500 errors
   * Bug:7071 text selection off when search bar scrolled
   * Bug:7072 RRULEs not matching DTSTART do the wrong thing
   * Bug:7076 Infinite redraws when editing in sidebar
   * Bug:7078 weekly recurrence end date in 2099 causes event to disappear
   * Bug:7090 Saturday -> Sunday all-day lozenges
   * Bug:7113 restore collection error
   * Bug:7114 Setting reminder on recurrer doesn't trigger this/future/all dialog
   * Bug:7115 application hungAttributeError: rrules on unattended Chandler
     application hung
   * Bug:7116 release/README.txt in 0.7a4-dev still refers to 0.4
   * Bug:7117 Position out of range when deleting the Welcome message
   * Bug:7118 Changing collection colour has no effect


   * Count of open bugs intended to be fixed in 0.7 : 321(down 1 from 6 days ago).
   * Count of untargeted open bugs needing triage: 10(down 6 from 6 days ago).
   * Count of resolved bugs in last 6 days: 42(down 1 from 6 days ago)
   * Count of all new bugs in last 6 days that are still open: 14(down 40 from 6 days ago

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