[Chandler-dev] Python 2.5?

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Thu Nov 30 17:40:52 PST 2006

Heikki Toivonen wrote:
> So, there are some options available for us:
> 1) Upgrade and require 2.5
> 2) Upgrade to 2.5 but let Chandler still run with 2.4
>    - this would require some version dependent imports for files that
> wanted to use certain 2.5 features
> 3) Don't upgrade

-1 on #2: I don't think using the platform Python is a realistic first 
order goal for Preview. I agree with Phillip and Grant that this option 
would introduce headaches/costs we don't want to take on.

+1 on #1: Assuming we can work out the Twisted issues, I'm in favor of 
going ahead with 2.5.


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