[Chandler-dev] smtp problem - possible hint?

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Fri Nov 24 15:55:05 PST 2006

Dan Steinicke wrote:
> I fixed the typo in the from address (commit 12420).


> There still appears to be a  problem with the  performance tinderboxes
> being unable to report  status via email...

This is also a standards-compliance thing, with the tinderbox sending email
to 'buildreport' instead of 'buildreport at osafoundation.org'.  As with the
previous issue, I'm hoping we can increase the standards-compliance of our
systems instead of re-opening spam holes.  It appears that only some
tinderbox are configured with the invalid short address, so it seems like it
should be possible and straightforward to use the full address.

I forgot to acknowledge in a previous email that these errors are indeed a
result of recent changes to the OSAF mail server configuration, with an eye
to lowering spam delivered.  I believe the changes undertaken are common,
best-practice configurations and the burps we're seeing represent
long-allowed-around-OSAF but incorrect configurations.  It's true that
changes of any type can cause instabilities, so my apologies for the impact
to the teams.  I believe there's still a consensus that we want to take
reasonable steps to reduce spam; please let me know if the changes are too

-- Jared

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