[Chandler-dev] QA summaries

Mikeal Rogers mikeal at osafoundation.org
Tue Nov 21 14:02:29 PST 2006

> Reid Ellis wrote:
>> It's good to see Trac making an appearance at OSAF. I'm a big fan.  
>> Is the Trac server supposed to be visible externally? I don't seem  
>> able to get to it. people.osafoundation.org *is* visible, so I'm  
>> guessing the 7080 port is the problem.
> Wait, wait... We haven't decided yet how we will handle that QA  
> project so the announcement of a Trac server is premature. For the  
> moment and for all the currently active projects (Chandler, Cosmo,  
> PyLucene, etc...), we're still using Bugzilla and have no plan to  
> switch. We're just too busy right now...

Yeah, i forgot to mention to Aparna that this server and project  
isn't public yet -- my bad -- which is why the links are broken now  
and the trac server is moved. We've confined the work being done on  
the project to a separate system than the usual Bugzilla/Twiki to  
keep it isolated since the future of the project is unclear.

Sometime after preview I'll resume my strong advocacy for moving OSAF  
ticket tracking, repository viewing, and wiki to Trac :)

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