[Chandler-dev] Loading developer tools on tinderboxes?

John Anderson john at osafoundation.org
Mon Nov 20 10:26:24 PST 2006

Here are a few other options to consider:

Installing wing on the tinderbox machines, but not running tests in  
wing, so when problems happen we can wander over to the machines,  
attach and debug chandler.

Running w/wing on tinderboxes, but turning off the feature in wing  
that stops on exceptions.

Finally, I've been running functional tests on my computers at night  
and I've been finding (and fixing) rare failures. I'd suggest  
everyone try it out.


On Nov 20, 2006, at 9:39 AM, Bryan Stearns wrote:

> I'm not sure that running with --wing on every build is a good idea  
> (since any exception caught would hang that tbox (and turn the tree  
> orange) until someone manually investigated), or that it would even  
> accomplish what you want (since the tboxes don't catch exceptions  
> the way developers do).
> Instead, if the goal is to track down debuggable cases of an  
> obscure failure, maybe it'd be better to go the other way, and  
> install the tbox software on a developer's machine?
> ...Bryan
> Dan Steinicke wrote:
>> Here are two suggestions John made to me that I am now passing on  
>> the full group.
>> (1) Proposal to load dev tools on tinderboxes.  After some recent  
>> issues with the tinderboxes it was proposed that we load the  
>> following tools on all chandler tinderbox machines:
>>   * install wing on all tinderboxes
>>   * install Microsoft Visual studio on all windows tinderboxes
>>   * install GDB on all non-windows tinderboxes
>> (2) Proposal to run full build debug tests  in the debugger by  
>> passing Chandler the --wing option on start up.  John predicts  
>> that this will cause the tests to run slower by a factor of two or  
>> less.
>> I like these proposals because I believe that they will aid us in  
>> tracking down and fixing some hard to reproduce errors we have  
>> been experiencing.  My main concern is the cost to do this,  
>> especially purchasing MS visual studio.  I have a minor concern  
>> about how much effort it will take to run the tests in the  
>> debugger in a continuous tinderbox style but I believe it is worth  
>> giving it a shot and finding out if this can be done with a modest  
>> amount of effort.
>> I would value hearing others opinions on these ideas.
>> Dan
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