[Chandler-dev] chandler website changes for alpha 4 release

Pieter Hartsook hartsook at osafoundation.org
Wed Nov 8 13:48:18 PST 2006

If we want to have our users focusing on alpha4 after it is released
(instead of 0.6), should we change the index page content
<http://chandler.osafoundation.org/index.php> , e.g. from

"Chandler 0.6 delivers an experimentally usable calendar..."
"Chandler 0.7alpha4 delivers an experimentally usable calendar..."?

I think just changing the version number would be OK since alpha4 at
least includes all the functionality we talk about in 0.6. We could
still provide a link to the 0.6 release notes
<http://chandler.osafoundation.org/0.6_readme.php> in a footer if
necessary. We would also have the like to the What's NEW in alpha4
page included.


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