[Chandler-dev] Cosmo 0.5 release!

Priscilla Chung priscilla at osafoundation.org
Thu Nov 2 11:36:47 PST 2006

The Cosmo Team is pleased to announce that cosmo 0.5 is now available  
for download.

0.5 is a new feature release including:

   + integrated web calendar ui (formerly known as scooby), including  
support for recurring events
   + new, higher performance storage architecture
   + limited support for webdav access control
   + improvements to the administration ui
   + more efficient atom feeds
   + dozens of bug fixes

Find download information, installation instructions and release  
notes at: http://cosmo.osafoundation.org. Please send feedback to  
cosmo-dev at osafoundation.org. We're looking forward to hearing about  
how folks are using Cosmo!
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