[Chandler-dev] [Sum] Oct 23 - 29

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Wed Nov 1 15:22:19 PST 2006

Build, Release, QA
*Oct 23 Checkpoint*
Bear spins:
Dan tests:

*Alpha4 branch, end game*
Heikki gave the stats: 7 blockers and 25 bugs total. Branch planned for
Thursday Oct 26, at which point all non-blockers were punted. To propose
a bug as a blocker, use the "blocking0.7?" flag.

Heikki explained that we'll build the first release candidate for
testing when we hit zero blocker bugs. It will take QA 2 days to test
the RC. If tests don't pass, we rinse/repeat until we have a good build.
Help testing the RC is appreciated. Heikki pointed out that it was time
to get the website changes ready.

Pieter sent out the punch-list for non-dev docs (the website). He asked
for any additions.

Bear created the branch on Oct 26 as planned. He noted that the branch
doesn't have a tinderbox, so all fixes must go through unit and
functional tests before committing. Heikki noted that we'll do
checkpoints on the branch. Bear gave instructions for getting the branch
in the message.

*Notify Bear of changes to external*
Bear requested these steps for any changes to an external project: (1)
Send Bear an email or IRC message explaining the change and the problem
it fixes. (2) File a bug with a patch if you don't own the project, so
Bear can test the change.

*Edgy upgrade*
Bear ran into snags upgrading Ubuntu (Dapper to Edgy). Details about
fixes in the messages.

*SVN tip*
Bryan had a tip for people using two SVN clients on your local machine
(say, TortoiseSVN and Cygwin). SVN 1.4 and 1.3 clients aren't really
compatible, so you'll want to update clients together.

*Tinderbox status icon for Firefox 2 updated*

Dev projects
*EIM subtypes*
Morgen asked PJE for an example motivating subtypes. PJE replied that
you might want to create a type similar to an existing type, differing
in size, type URI, or how it handled conversions.

Meetings, Announcements
Apps meeting:

*Sharing meeting*
Ted sent notes for a kickoff meeting on sharing (both Cosmo and Chandler
folks in attendance).

New Apple MacBooks out:

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