[Chandler-dev] [Sum] Oct 2 - 8

Katie Capps Parlante capps at osafoundation.org
Wed Nov 1 10:08:35 PST 2006

Build, Release, QA
*Checkpoint Oct 2*
Bear spins checkpoint:
Dan tests checkpoint:

*Makefile change*
Bear made a change such that plugin eggs, the Chandler locale plugin,
and setuptools are installed in CHANDLERHOME, not CHANDLERBIN. This
fixes Bug 6713. Also, "make install" should now work with the latest
cygwin, fixing Bug 6915.

Davor created a ChandlerSnapshot.tgz when he restarted after a Chandler
crash. He asked why it didn't preserve the directory structure of the
profile. Bryan and Andi explained that preserving the directory
structure didn't turn out to be helpful in diagnosing problems.

Dev projects
Phillip outlined a plan for EIM development. He'll first implement APIs
for data types, type mapping: sharing.typedef(), sharing.BytesType, etc.
Next he'll do record types, fields and associated APIs: sharing.Record,
sharing.typeifno(), etc. The last stage will be to implement
sharing.Schema. The first two phases should enable Morgen and the Cosmo
team to start working on the wire format. He'll also produce docs in
stages, using doctest to drive the work. He hopes to have the first
layer in the next two weeks.

*Speeding up jump-to-next-week, preloading items*
Morgen looked at the use case where the user jumps ahead or behind a
week in the calendar, which had regressed recently (Bug 5651). Morgen
noticed that item loading/generating occurrences seems to be a
significant part of the timing (he gave timings for various cases).
Morgen proposed generating occurrences and/or loading items for the next
and previous weeks in the background, during OnIdle. Philippe suggested
preloading a month instead of a week.

Ted had concerns that at the end of the day it will be hard to predict
the user's path through the app. Preloading will penalize some cases
over others, in particular calendar over dashboard. Morgen and Reid
pointed out that this preloading case would happen only when the week
view was displayed, not penalizing users who didn't sit in the calendar.

Jeffrey explained that the minical doesn't load all items -- it just
gets the info it needs to draw the busy bars.

Grant asked why we stick keys into indexes when generating occurrences.
Jeffrey explained that occurrences appear in itemsWithReminders, which
is indexed by reminderTime.

Grant and Morgen discussed different ways to avoid loading items from
the mStart and mEnd functions in Calendar.py. They eventually came to
the conclusion that this doesn't help much.

Davor asked why we were looking at this use case, he noted that
switching to the dashboard and entering a new event were two cases that
he found troubling.

Meetings, Announcements
Apps meeting:

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