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Brian Kirsch bkirsch at osafoundation.org
Fri Mar 31 12:28:49 PST 2006

 >> do we intend to support multiple locales at the same time in the 
same UI ?

That is an interesting question. The short answer is no. The long answer 
is yes :)

Depending on the locale set of the Operating System a parcel (third 
party) may not have a translation for the primary locale in the set and 
fallback to a secondary locale. If the locale set was for example ['fr', 
'es', 'en'] a parcel (third party) that did not have a translation for 
French ('fr') but did have one for Spanish ('es') would have its 
displayable content in Spanish even though Chandler's displayable 
content would be in French.

However, this does not effect the sort order. If the Chandler primary 
locale is French, then the sort order should be French language / locale 
specific. The parcel (third party) that is rendering Spanish would have 
its content sorted using French locale heuristics.

The same would be true for content that was downloaded in to Chandler.

I may receive email in a variety of languages. But the sort order is 
French language / locale specific.


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Andi Vajda wrote:

> On Fri, 31 Mar 2006, Alec Flett wrote:
>> John Anderson wrote:
>>> We originally considered doing this and it can be done. However, two 
>>> different users may want to have a sort named "date" that works 
>>> differently, e.g. one date sorts using one locale and another sorts 
>>> by another locale. So as long we build in a mechanism to resolve how 
>>> different names map to the same or different sorts it's fine. We 
>>> choose the current mechanism because it was easier than implementing 
>>> such a mechanism.
>> this is a degenerate case. If we need that case we can build 
>> something in where the index name is "date_en_US" or something, but I 
>> think building an entire extra layer of indirection to support this 
>> seems like premature generalization to me.
> Maybe I'm missing something, but time moves in the same direction and 
> at the same rate for the whole planet. What is locale-specific date 
> sorting anyway ?
> Now, I can see locale-specific string sorting for sure but do we 
> intend to support multiple locales at the same time in the same UI ?
> If the answer is yes, this can be achieved with multiple indexes, one 
> per locale, all installed on the same collection, and named 
> appropriately.
> Andi..
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