[Chandler-dev] wx tarball 38

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Sat Mar 25 20:06:30 PST 2006

David Surovell wrote:
> The wx tarball v2.6.2-38 has landed.
> Well, only sort of.
> There are three functional tests that fail with tarballs wx-2.6.2- [37,
> 38]; consequently, the "chandler/Makefile" wx version value remains at 36.

David, since you have made the changes to wx it seems you would be the
best person change the tests to match the new wx.

First thing to check would of course be any changed APIs.

Something to keep in mind/help you out:

- try running the failing tests also individually; sometimes there are
failures that only happen when running as part of suite and sometimes
only individually
  suite: ./tools/do_tests.sh -f
  suite (another way, may sometimes show more info):
./release/RunChandler --create -f
  single test: ./release/RunChandler --create -f <path to test>

When you run the tests they most likely will only say if they failed or
passed. In those cases you need to look at the log file to see what
actually failed. The log file is named <testname>.log.<timestamp>, for
example FunctionalTestSuite.log.20060324135402.

The log file may either show the problem immediately, or it may just
point you in a smaller are of code you need to inspect. I've found print
statements to be extremely useful :)

  Heikki Toivonen

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