[Chandler-dev] wx tarball 38

David Surovell davids at osafoundation.org
Sat Mar 25 00:57:17 PST 2006

The wx tarball v2.6.2-38 has landed.

Well, only sort of.
There are three functional tests that fail with tarballs wx-2.6.2- [37, 
38]; consequently, the "chandler/Makefile" wx version value remains at 36.

So we're giving you two options:
You can keep your Chandler build in synch with the functional tests, 
which requires no local changes; however, should you prefer to get the 
latest wx updates, of which there are several significant bug fixes, you 
can bump the value locally to 38, like so:


This value will be updated in svn when the functional test issue are 

The highlights (for both tarballs) is as follows:
tarball v2.6.2-38 (23-Mar-06)
wxPython: synchronized many API up to underlying wxWidgets changes
ALL: fixed wxTimer-related crash
ALL: fixed problems with PNG error handling
ALL: major wxDisplay rewrite
ALL: major debug macro rewrite
ALL: major rewrite of wxDataViewCtrl, Phase 2
ALL: changed all GetCount APIs count and index arguments and return 
value types:
- now "unsigned int"; formerly "size_t" or "int"
ALL: fixed a handful of warnings flagged by various code analysis tools
wxGTK: fixed wxClipboard memory leaks and a data truncation bug
wxMac: fixed crash with DnD and file drops
wxMac: added support for DnD with drop targets utilizing 
wxMac: (Chandler-only) added support for antialiasing control

tarball v2.6.2-37 (17-Mar-06)
wxPython: more SWIG v1.3.2x support improvements
wxPython: updated various helper function utility routines
ALL: added wxListCtrl:: HitTest
ALL: improved wxGrid refresh redrawing
ALL: improved support for window positioning on all displays
ALL: major rewrite of wxDataViewCtrl, Phase 1
ALL: fixed bug in file path list lookups
wxGTK: various wxControl-related fixes
wxMSW: improved choice ctrl drawing and string assignment

The near-complete wx tarball revision history can be found at:

David S.

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