[Chandler-dev] command line options cleanup?

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Thu Mar 23 13:26:46 PST 2006

Chandler's command line options have evolved dynamically over time, and
unfortunately it shows. I think we should rationalize them before 1.0
(although not necessarily for 0.7, but the sooner the better IMO).

Some initial thoughts:

-W,--webserver: should take a port number. And how would you declare you
want SSL enabled webserver (on my future list of things to implement)
--prof: should be removed, I don't think this limited profiler info is
actually giving us anything useful
-t,--testScripts: should be removed, makes no sense in end user chandler
-e,--stderr: Needs clarification, the description does not seem to match
what I think it does
--askCreate: needs clarification, could maybe be removed if -c,--create
took an optional parameter
-u,--refresh-ui: I don't understand why we'd need this
-C,--createData: not sure about it, but it seems marginal... I would
favor removing it
-a,--app-parcel: It seems weird we'd need this

Names could probably use some thinking as well for the remaining...

Current list:

        'parcelPath': ('-p', '--parcelPath', 's', None,  'PARCELPATH',
'Parcel search path'),
        'webserver':  ('-W', '--webserver',  'b', False,
'CHANDLERWEBSERVER', 'Activate the built-in webserver'),
        'profileDir': ('-P', '--profileDir', 's', None,  'PROFILEDIR',
'location of the Chandler Repository'),
        'profile':    ('',   '--prof',       'b', False, None, 'save
profiling data'),
        'testScripts':('-t', '--testScripts','b', False, None, 'run all
test scripts'),
        'scriptFile': ('-f', '--scriptFile', 's', None,  None, 'script
file to execute after startup'),
        'scriptTimeout': ('-s', '--scriptTimeout', 's', 0,  None,
'script file timeout'),
        'catsProfile':('',   '--catsProfile','s', None,  None, 'file for
hotshot profile of script execution'),
        'catsPerfLog':('',   '--catsPerfLog','s', None,  None, 'file to
output a performance number'),
        'stderr':     ('-e', '--stderr',     'b', False, None, 'Echo
error output to log file'),
        'create':     ('-c', '--create',     'b', False, "CREATE",
'Force creation of a new repository'),
        'askCreate':  ('',   '--askCreate',  'b', False, None, 'Offer to
create a new repository'),
        'ramdb':      ('-d', '--ramdb',      'b', False, None, ''),
        'restore':    ('-r', '--restore',    's', None,  None,
'repository backup to restore from before repository open'),
        'recover':    ('-R', '--recover',    'b', False, None, 'open
repository with recovery'),
        'nocatch':    ('-n', '--nocatch',    'b', False,
        'wing':       ('-w', '--wing',       'b', False, None, ''),
        'komodo':     ('-k', '--komodo',     'b', False, None, ''),
        'refreshui':  ('-u', '--refresh-ui', 'b', False, None, 'Refresh
the UI from the repository during startup'),
        'locale':     ('-l', '--locale',     's', None,  None, 'Set the
default locale'),
        'encrypt':    ('-S', '--encrypt',    'b', False, None, 'Request
prompt for password for repository encryption'),
        'nosplash':   ('-N', '--nosplash',   'b', False,
        'logging':    ('-L', '--logging',    's', 'logging.conf',
'CHANDLERLOGCONFIG', 'The logging config file'),
        'createData': ('-C', '--createData', 's', None,  None, 'csv file
with items definition to load after startup'),
        'verbose':    ('-v', '--verbose',    'b', False,  None,
'Verbosity option (currently just for run_tests.py)'),
        'quiet':      ('-q', '--quiet',      'b', False,  None, 'Quiet
option (currently just for run_tests.py)'),
        'verify':     ('-V', '--verify-assignments',
                                             'b', False,  None, 'Verify
attribute assignments against schema'),
        'appParcel':  ('-a', '--app-parcel', 's', "osaf.app",  None,
'Parcel that defines the core application'),
        'nonexclusive':  ('', '--nonexclusive', 'b', False,
'CHANDLERNONEXCLUSIVEREPO', 'Enable non-exclusive repository access'),

  Heikki Toivonen

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