[Chandler-dev] Apps meeting agenda for Thursday 1pm

Philippe Bossut pbossut at osafoundation.org
Wed Mar 22 22:30:24 PST 2006


We'll have our regular weekly Apps meeting tomorrow @ 1pm till 2pm in 

Please be on time and be prepared (i.e. read the agenda so that you may 
be prepared if you have to say something on a subject. I wrote a short 
summary for each item.).

Also update your weekly status and read the agenda at:

We'll be using the Bridge.

Also, in order for the meeting to be facilitated more efficiently, I'd 
like very much to have someone volunteering to be the note taker (this 
should be a rotating position). Anyone for tomorrow?

   * Question du Jour: Do you have all the hardware you need to do your 
work efficiently? (5 min)
   * 0.7 Planning and Progress
      * Bugs and Tasks (5 min) - See the updated curves on the Apps 
page. Comments?
      * SWAG (5 min) - There's still quite a bit of stuff assigned to 
alpha2 not SWAGged. Please try to get to those before the meeting so 
that we can analyze that. Thanks!
      * Big Features update (15 min) : please prepare a short statement 
for the rest of the team of where we stand (focus on alpha2) and 
potential road blocks :
         * Dashboard (Alec)
         * Free / Busy (Jeffrey)
         * Scheduling (Bryan)
         * Styles (Jed)
   * Misc
      * Build Policies (10 min) - There has been some tension and 
misunderstanding on what red means for full and standard builds. I took 
the action of creating a page for this and calling for a meeting with 
all stakeholders but I wanted to pick up the brain of the Apps team 
before hand.
      * Geek Talks (5 min) - Andi to talk Monday about PyLucene and 
answer our questions.
      * Kruggle (5 min) - I sent some beta access keys last week. Anyone 
tried it? Feedback?
   * People (5 min)
      * Reviews - We'll start next week. Any last minute question?
      * Interns - Still phone screening and reviewing resumes. Some 
candidates in the pipe for second rounds of interviews.

See you there,
- Philippe

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