[Chandler-dev] Moving color/etc out of ContentCollection

Alec Flett alecf at osafoundation.org
Wed Mar 22 13:36:43 PST 2006

Jeffrey Harris wrote:
> An emphatic +1 to that.  I'm constantly forgetting which of these three
> modules contains the piece of code I'm interested in.
> I'd love to hear a summary of the logic for when something ought to live
> in parcel land and when it shouldn't.
There isn't any :) I think we should just strive for everything to be in 
parcels except where it's impossible (i.e. stuff that precedes parcels 
during startup, etc)

I would sooner move as much as we can out of application/ and into a 
parcel. seems like at this point the only stuff that should go into 
application/ is the bootstrap code and schema.py.

>>> 4) Create a new parcel 'above' osaf.app (osaf.chandler?) and move much
>>> of the chandler-specific junk in osaf.app there, and move
>>> all/in/out/trash to osaf.app.. that way osaf.app isn't a big beast to
>>> depend on
> I'd lean towards 4), is there a particular reason not to do this in the
> relatively near future?
personally I'd like to be able to land UserCollection with as minimal 
change as possible (and hence my leaning towards just leaving the 
special collections in osaf.pim for now) so that the modularity cleanup 
can be an independent step.So other than me preferring it to happen 
AFTER me landing UserCollection, there's no big reason not to reorganize 
some of this stuff soon.

(and it should be soon because the stabilization phase for alpha2 is 
rapidly approaching!)

> Sincerely,
> Jeffrey
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