[Chandler-dev] Moving color/etc out of ContentCollection

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Wed Mar 22 12:33:18 PST 2006

Hi Folks,

> If UserCollection is truly a Chandler-specific concept, then that is
> fine to put it in osaf.app.  By the way, application/Application.py, the
> osaf.app parcel, and views.main all probably need to be merged together
> someday, since I think those three parts of the codebase define
> "Chandler the app".

An emphatic +1 to that.  I'm constantly forgetting which of these three
modules contains the piece of code I'm interested in.

I'd love to hear a summary of the logic for when something ought to live
in parcel land and when it shouldn't.

>> I can think of a few options:
>> 1) put UserCollection in osaf.app, and all/in/out/trash in osaf.pim,
>> but make annotations to osaf.pim.allCollection from osaf.app's
>> installParcel()
>> 4) Create a new parcel 'above' osaf.app (osaf.chandler?) and move much
>> of the chandler-specific junk in osaf.app there, and move
>> all/in/out/trash to osaf.app.. that way osaf.app isn't a big beast to
>> depend on
>> Personally I think that 1) is a good interim solution and allows us to
>> think about all/in/out again but still implement UserCollection.. then
>> maybe we can think about 3) or 4)

I'd lean towards 4), is there a particular reason not to do this in the
relatively near future?


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