[Chandler-dev] Moving color/etc out of ContentCollection

Alec Flett alecf at osafoundation.org
Wed Mar 22 10:15:22 PST 2006

I'm in the process of (finally) moving color, outOfTheBoxCollection, etc 
out of 'ContentCollection' and into an Annotation called 
'UserCollection' The basic idea is that if a collection does need to be 
user-facing, and thus have things like color, etc., then we can use this 
annotation to attach those attributes.

I'm putting this annotation in osaf.app, so that all consumers of these 
attributes now must import UserCollection from osaf.app..

Whereas before they would say:

foo.color = blah

now they say

from osaf.app import UserCollection
UserCollection(foo).color = blah

I personally like the explicit-ness of this, so consumers understand 
that they are expecting the collection to be a user collection.

As a side effect of this, I'm finding that I can keep dependencies to a 
minimum by moving in/out/all/trash to osaf.app. This seems like the 
right thing to do anyway because it seems like these chandler-specific 
collections belong at a higher level than osaf.pim.

I don't see this being a problem other than making changes across the 
whole codebase, but I'm doing that right now. Does anyone have any 
issues with this change? I'm feeling pretty positive that I can move 
these from osaf.pim into osaf.app without creating a dependency from 
osaf.pim to osaf.app (that dependency would defeat the purpose of this 
whole exercise!)



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