[Design] Re: [Chandler-dev] Reengineering stamping

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Mar 16 13:20:29 PST 2006

At 06:28 PM 3/15/2006 -0800, Morgen Sagen wrote:
>If you wanted to turn a book into a single task ('Read
>this book by Thursday'), that's one thing, but how could you turn it
>into two tasks ('Buy this book', 'Read this book by Thursday')?  I'm
>hoping the storyboard proposal will show how this would be
>accomplished in the UI.

These sorts of scenarios were why I originally assumed that stamping was 
something meant to create new, linked items, rather than transforming a 
single item.  The model that encompasses both stamping as-implemented and 
as you envision here, is the idea that you're simply recording information 
*about* the thing, not the thing itself.

That is, you don't really have a "Book" in the computer, you just have some 
information about the book.  Some of the information about the book is 
"things I want to do in relation to this book".  The currently-implemented 
stamping design only allows you to have one "thing you want to do in 
relation to the book", and other such limitations.

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