[Chandler-dev] Changes to how full builds are done

Heikki Toivonen heikki at osafoundation.org
Wed Mar 15 17:07:33 PST 2006

Mike Taylor wrote:
> The biggest difference for people who work on external or internal
> projects is that if you want your current updates to be tested in your
> build environment you will need to edit your chandler/Makefile locally
> and have it reference the new version and/or relver - if not you will be
> building the new version but only the released version will be installed
> and tested in the chandler/ directory.

This also means that people who do full builds on unsupported platforms
need to be extra careful, because as soon as the external/internal and
chandler directories are out of sync their build will break.

Here's how you can make sure you won't accidentally download those
binary tarballs:

$ cd external
$ make all binaries install
$ cd ../internal
$ make all binaries install
$ cd ../chandler
$ make install purge HOST=nosuchhost

This breaks the make world into smaller steps. The last part is the most
crucial - notice the HOST=nosuchost. This will make curl fail with an
error (can't reach such host) and you will know the full build is out of
sync with the quick build. You now have a couple of options:

* If the packages that it tried to download do not contain any compiled
code (for example pure Python), and that there are no incompatible API
changes, you could just do the make install step without overriding
HOST. Things should just work.

* If there are incompatible API changes, or compiled code, things get
harder. You need to figure out from svn history what svn revision to
downgrade to in the appropriate libraries in external/internal, rebuild
them, and edit chandler/Makefile to unpack those versions.

We have a bug to fix it for real, but no ETA yet:

I'm adding this info to the wiki as well.

  Heikki Toivonen

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