[Dev] Re: chardet.feedparser.org

Brian Kirsch bkirsch at osafoundation.org
Mon Mar 13 16:16:10 PST 2006

Wow this is awesome!

I am gonna play with this. If it works like I expect I will get it 
incorporated in to the Chandler build.

It will be very handy for parsing incoming email as well as a host of 
other sources (DB flat files etc)  where the charset encoding is not known.


Brian Kirsch -  Cosmo Developer / Chandler Internationalization Engineer
Open Source Applications Foundation
543 Howard St. 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Clint Bidlack wrote:

> Ted.
> That's great news, and it's a port not a wrap, which is even better!
> Thanks for the pointer.
> -Clint
> Ted Leung wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> At PyCon we were talking about the Mozilla charset detector getting
>> wrapped for Python.  I saw Mark Pilgrim at ETech last week and it turns
>> out he's done a python port <http://chardet.feedparser.org/>
>> Enjoy,
>> Ted

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