[Dev] Re: [Cosmo] Free/Busy in Chandler 0.7

Morgen Sagen morgen at osafoundation.org
Sun Mar 12 16:27:43 PST 2006

On Mar 12, 2006, at 4:14 PM, Philippe Bossut wrote:
> [...] For instance, a Chandler user can pick an event in a "not  
> mine" collection and move it to a "mine" collection making it mine  
> in the process (e.g. one of those "Events managed for Lorenzo"  
> meeting is a meeting that you are going to attend).

Actually, as currently implemented, if you drag an item from a 'not  
mine' collection and copy it to a 'mine' collection, that event will  
not appear in 'My Calendar'.  In other words 'not mine' currently  
trumps 'mine'.  The exception to this is if you drag an item from a   
'not mine'  *directly* to 'My Calendar' -- in that case it will show  
up in 'My Calendar'.  There is a discussion about changing this  
behavior (making 'mine' trump 'not mine') in this bug:  https:// 

> Chandler does not duplicate that meeting. I'm not sure how the sync  
> works right now (does the event appears in both collections?). If  
> the event is not duplicated, this won't work.

Regardless of mine/not-mine, if an event lives in two collections  
within Chandler, and those two collections are published to Cosmo,  
that event will be published twice (once in each Cosmo collection).   
It's not really an exact duplicate necessarily because you could be  
sharing reminders/status for one of those collections, and not the  
other, so the .ics files representing that event could be different.


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